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The character Bill travels through time gathering insights into the human soul. He explores the effect that the darker forces of power and greed, which have plagued humanity throughout history, have had on mankind both on the individual and societal level. Juxtaposed to this are the forces of love, truth, and enligjtenment which are also explored. Your journey of discovery with Bill will be both entertaining and revealing as you examie the struggle that exists withi everyone of us between these opposijg forces. By the end of your journey you will experience the huan triumph of the human spirit over the powerful forces of conflict, chaos, adversity as conclusions are drawn and solutions to the problems identified and proposed.


 This book is a journey of discovery; discovery of our world, our universe, others, but most important it is about discovery of self.  This book is transformative, and is about experiencing growth in the pursuit of truth and love.  This spoke provides the key to becoming something better; someone better.  The best thing about becoming is that the journey is as endless as the potential for growth itself.  The joy in life is not in that discovery of the truth 4 we will never really know what truth is.  The joy in life is in the search for truth.  There is nothing else.  There is no need for anything else.

Notable Quotes

"My brief nanosecond since creation really has little meaning in the macrocosmic universe, except to those that resonate with me in my little packet of time.

My microcosm, small though it be, is filled with beauty all around.  If I can: create a smile, touch a heart, share a care from health a hand, create some joy, love somebody, my journey will light to universe." PJMorry

 "The gift of a child is the gift of knowledge not yet revealed."  PJMorry

"He who looks outside ....... dreams; He who looks innside ......Awakens!"  Carl Jung

"It does not matter which end of the straw you look through, you are still looking through a straw"  PJMorry

"Our search for truth will only be realized when we finally understand that there is no such thing as us and them. There is only we."  PJMorry

Welcome to the Online Book Store of Dr. Peter J Morry, featuring my first published book together with some origional photography and some interesting story telling in reference to my Beloved  Newfoundland. Start enjoying the best we have to offer with everything you needat the click 0f a button.

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